You can find the best destinations for small daytrips on our area on the Seikkaile Suupohjassa facebook group and – website. The destinations are for example huts, beaches, observation towers and nature trails, museums, cafes and flea markets. The destinations can vary according to the season: in the winter there can be a tip of a good cross-country skiing track, in the spring time an exciting nature trail and in the summer a particularly beautiful scenery.


The destinations are located in the Suupohja  region, which consists of the towns of Isojoki, Karijoki, Kauhajoki, Kurikka and Teuva.


Seikkaile Suupohjassa -website and facebook- group are created by a local Leader group Suupohjan Kehittämisyhdistys ry and hosted by a cartoon character called Seppo Seikkailija.

Suupohja Development Association is a local association for rural development. It’s purpose is to encourage and enable the rural citizenry to develop their own region and to help creating new jobs. Suupohjan Kehittämisyhdistys aims to make this region a better place to live in.

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Our region is full of beautiful and exciting places to visit. We want to make it easy to find them so as many people as possible can enjoy them.

For whom?

For you: The local inhabitant or a casual traveller. For anybody and everybody who wants to see and experience more!  

With the best discovery regards,

Seppo Seikkailija